But first… wine

As Virginia Woolf stated, “Language is wine upon the lips”. That indisputable truth helped me to realize that a bottle of wine brings to light the hidden secrets of my soul.

Since 1997, working on my own wine, I have met my creativity which is born from the love of things that we do. Our versatility and own taste can add a personal note in the wine. Grapes represent a continuous challenge because they have a wonderful, and, at the same time, very demanding characteristic – each year their character is different, which offers us a new experience and also puts us to the test. The character of the wine is shaped in the vineyard – noble wine can only be made from quality berries. However, the right choice of winemaking certainly guarantees that the ‘birth’ of a new wine will be a day to celebrate.


George S. Argyrakis

Founder – Oenologist