Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are located on the Mount Vermion, at altitudes between 550m and 600m. Located on the sun-flooded southeast-facing slopes of the mountain, our carefully designed vineyards represent the essence of the region and embody it in the form of wine.

The marriage of noble grape varieties and a limestone clay terrain provides nuances of aroma and flavours. Naoussa’s climate is continental: sufficient rainduring the winter helps to reconstitute the stocks of water in the ground while the lack of rain during the summer ensures the dry conditionsthat are favorable to the vines. The high diurnal range during the grape ripening period, especially in the summer when days are hot and nights are cool, enriches our wines and gives them a unique complexity.

The vines are linear, developed at double lanyard and allow for short pruning. Driven by our passion to explore every unexplored terrain of wine-making, we converted a stretch of our land to an experimental biodynamic vineyard which is among the very few in the country.