ATI Red 2011

Stories must be communicated and wines must be opened. Dedicated to family history, ati 2011 was our first wine with this label and the name “ati” paving the way for our award-winning series…


A milestone year, since it was the first with the name and logo “ati” that we released, thus inaugurating our new corporate identity.
It was vinified by George Argyrakis and its release took place in 2016 when my brother and I returned from our studies.
An award-winning in competitions, he kept me company in the first awkward presentations I made. Where the anxiety overwhelmed me little by little and seeing the audience looking at me in astonishment, the “ati” of 2011 came into their glasses, which with the certainty of the winner, always won the delicious impressions, saving at last my presentations!
So I include it in this list, being sure that once again it will win the impressions! I highly recommend it for “embarrassing” situations. It knows how to save them; it has done it before…
“Ati” 2011 is a mixture of the indigenous variety “Xinomavro” with the cosmopolitan “Merlot” (20%) grown in Naoussa. It is a well-structured wine with soft tannins, and a rich bouquet, the result of its long ageing in oak barrels and bottles.
You can enjoy it by drinking it now or keep it in your collection for anniversary moments. The bottles available are limited.


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