Terms & Conditions

We welcome you on the e-platform www.argyrakiswines.gr (hereinafter argyrakiswines) that offers for sale selected products and services of the «S&K ARGYRAKIS G.P ,(hereinafter Argyrakis wines) seated at Tripotamos Imathias and postal code 59100, TIN 800728992, competent tax office of Veroia, reg. No. to the General Commercial Registry 138671926000 , tel. +306976026970, and email: info@argyrakiswines.gr.
The promotion, presentation, sale, transport-storage, supply and any return of the products presented herein as well as the protection of your personal data and the security of your transactions are subject to these terms of use that we ask you to read prior to your navigation on argyrakiswines and the placement of any order.
Upon your navigation on argyrakiswines as well as the execution of any transaction or any contact with our company, you unreservedly accept these terms of use that apply on our transactions as a whole. In case of dispute or if you have any reservations regarding these terms partly or wholly, you should send a relevant email to the email address: info@argyrakiswines.gr prior to your navigation or the execution of any transaction otherwise you are considered to have accepted all the terms unreservedly.
The company reserves the rights to amend and renew at any time and unilaterally the terms and/or conditions for the transactions that are executed on this platform of argyrakiswines, the content, the appearance, the composition, the structure as well as the technical specifications of argyrakiswines. Moreover, it undertakes the obligation to update this platform on time on any amendment or renewal of the terms. The company also reserves the right to annul, suspend or terminate the operation of argyrakiswines cause and without any prior notification.

Platform argyrakiswines be only used for legal intends and in a manner that does not limit nor hinders the use by third parties. The user must use the website in compliance with morality and these terms and he should not carry out any actions nor omissions that might endanger the provision of services by argyrakiswines. Persons over 18 or over the legal age for the consumption of alcohol as provided by the legislation in their country may use the e-platform www.argyrakiswines.gr.
In case of illegal use of the platform argyrakiswines persons that are not of age, the company does not bear any responsibility as it expressly prohibits the entry of users that do not meet the requirements relating to age. In case of use by persons that are not of age, then the latter and their guardians are solely responsible.
Our company acknowledges the serious medical and social consequences of the abuse of alcohol especially with regard to younger persons and for that reason it is committed and it strictly applies the “Proposal of principles on the disengagement with regard to the advertisement of alcohol and the provision of information to consumers” that has been adopted by the Association of Alcohol Businesses, the Ministry of Health and the Inter-parties Parliament Committee on the Study and Resolution of the Problem of Drugs. For more information, please visit https://www.wineinmoderation.eu, by clicking on “Wine in Moderate” at the end of the page.

3. Intellectual Property
This entire platform www.argyrakiswines.gr, the photographs and descriptions of the products, the articles, the graphics, the images, the texts, the designs, the commercial and financial information, any kind of signs, logos, the layout of argyrakiswines, form part of the intellectual property of ARGYRAKISWINES and are protected according to the relevant Greek legislation, the European legislation and the applicable international conventions on intellectual property. Any use of or action related to the content for whatever reason without the prior written consent of the company is prohibited.
The user accepts and acknowledges that the company has the possibility to commercially exploit any data that appear on argyrakiswines as well as amend the said data at any time that it wishes with or without the prior notification or approval of the users of argyrakiswines

4. Protection of Privacy
The personal data of the visitor or user of www.argyrakiswines.gr are being managed and protected pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Greek Law 2472/1997 on the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data as amended by the decisions of the Chairman of the Committee on the Protection of Personal Data, the P.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of Law 2819/2000 and the European Legislation (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).
argyrakiswines commits to always act according to the applicable legislation, safeguard the confidentiality of the personal data of the registered user and not transfer any information to any third party, either natural or legal. The only derogations apply for public authorities, public prosecutor’s offices or other administrative authorities according to the legislation that applies from time to time based on the legal framework as well as any partnering third parties (natural or legal entities) that are necessarily engaged in the execution of your orders such as financial institutions that take part in the execution and settlement of your e-payments through your credit card and transport companies that must use your data for the storage and transport of the products sent to you.
Those of you registered to the e-shop of argyrakiswines have the possibility to exercise at any time your rights arising from the applicable national legislation and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our company retains your data for as long as you are a registered user of argyrakiswines or for as long as you use the services thereof. Certain pages of argyrakiswines might be using session cookies in order to facilitate your recognition and your navigation on the platform of argyrakiswines.
Upon your deletion from argyrakiswines, any data provided to us is deleted as well even the session cookies installed on your PC. The data retained are only those provided by law (e.g. for financial purposes).
argyrakiswines keeps records of your personal data only in the course of the execution of the transactions and the communication with you. All your personal data are collected through the special e-platform of argyrakiswines which are the minimum necessary for the provision of the aforementioned services from us and they are subject to the condition of your full and unreserved consent/authorization that is granted along with the provision of your personal data to us.
Nonetheless, argyrakiswines does not guarantee for the safety of the data transferred online and does not undertake any material or not damage that the user might suffer due to accessing the internet.
For any inquiries on the use of your personal data, you may contact our company at the email: info@argyrakiswines.gr. For any complaints on the violation of your personal data you may address the competent Authority in Greece, i.e. the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data; the contact information of the said authority is available on the website: http://www.dpa.gr.

5. Registration to argyrakiswines
Α) Correct registration of your personal data
It is of great importance to provide for your correct and updated personal data to argyrakiswines either upon your registration or upon placing your order. You must inform us on any change thereon. These data are the only means of communication between our company and you in the course of executing your orders as well as performing any other obligation towards you. Therefore, you must be absolutely certain about their accuracy prior to registering your order. In case of execution of a false order due to the fact that your date had not been register correctly, the company is not liable to you.
In case you choose the issue of an invoice, the company has the right to verify the financial information that you have provided with regard to the issue of the invoice.
Β) Registration to the argyrakiswines account.
Upon the placement of your first order with our company, you should register as users of the argyrakiswines in order to facilitate your future purchases and for better serving you. You must fill in the special form that comes up and provide your name, email address and your personal access codes, username and password. Moreover, upon your consent/approval you have the possibility to receive the argyrakiswines newsletter based on which you shall be informed on all the new products and services.
Upon your registration to argyrakiswines, you shall receive an automated message asking you to verify your registration through a link.

6. Limitations on liability
The company has the right to terminate, amend or suspend the operation of argyrakiswines partly or wholly, temporarily or permanently, at any time and without prior notification of the user. Moreover, the company may freely choose the products and services that it shall promote through argyrakiswines as well as its pricing policy, the promotions and discounts that apply to each one of the customers without any prior notification of the user. In addition, it might as well discontinue the access codes of the user to the services of argyrakiswines at any time that it might consider that the latter is in breach of these terms of use of the platform. In the course of the technological control, the company and its partners put their best effort to ensure that the content, the services and the transactions over argyrakiswines are executed without any interruption and at a high level of safety.
The company does not bear any responsibility if the operation of argyrakiswines is discontinued for whatever reason or it is difficult or impossible to access the website. Moreover, the company implements any possible measures on the safe use of the platform. If viruses or other malware is detected despite the implemented measures and they are transferred to the terminal equipment of the users/visitors, then the company does not bear any responsibility.

7. Product and Services Orders

7.1. How you can order products and services on argyrakiswines

The basic way of placing an order of selected products and services on argyrakisshop is through the argyrakiswines website, www.argyrakiswines.gr.

7.2. How you do place an order for products and services on the argyrakiswines website
On the e-platform of argyrakiswines you can freely navigate and select the products and/or the services you are interested in. Then you are transferred to the page where the product/service is described and from there you can add them to your cart. If you wish to continue by adding more products/services, you choose the link “More purchases”. Otherwise you carry on with the payment of your order.
In order to make your payment, you are transferred to a secure, certified bank link (Eurobank) where you are asked to provide your delivery information as well as determine the means of payment.

8. Means of payment / Charges

8.1. How can I pay for the products and/or the services I ordered?
The means of payment are:
1. By credit card
2. By Bank deposit

The bank accounts of argyrakiswines are:
EUROBANK IBAN: GR62 0260 2310 0000 9020 1017 772 BIC: ERBKGRAA

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR97 0110 3250 0000 3250 0225 431 BIC:ETHNGRAA

ALPHA IBAN: GR0901408300830002002016162 BIC: CRBAGRAA

3. By PayPal
For the holders of the credit card issued by a foreign bank, the payment shall only occur through PayPal.

8.2. The charges for the order
The cost of each order depends on the price of each product (VAT included) as well as the place of delivery.
Note: Free Shipping for orders over 200,00€.



9.1.1. May I place an order from abroad?
In case you want to place an order from abroad, please call us in +30 6976026970 or send an e-mail at info@argyrakiswines.gr.
9.1.2. How are the orders executed?
The orders are executed by a courier all over Greece and the EU countries.
9.1.3. How long it takes for my order to be executed?
On the mainland the order is executed within 5 working days.
To the islands and isolated areas, it might take longer.
For orders from abroad, the execution schedule depends on the country of delivery.


9.2.1. If I receive a product other than the one I ordered either in kind and/or quantity, what should I do?
In case you receive a product other than the one you ordered either in kind or/and quantity, you may return the products for control and verification of the mistake along with all the required documents e.g. retail receipt or invoice.
If you adhere to the proposed way of returning the products to the company, S&K ARGYRAKIS G.P. shall bear the costs of the return
and the new dispatch to the customer.

9.2.2. In case of a defect, what should you do

The competent employees of argyrakiswines have carefully examined the products selected for argyrakiswines shop having in mind the customer’s maximum satisfaction. Moreover, strict criteria have been implemented as to the storage and preservation conditions of the products.
In case of a defect, you have the right to return the said product to the company within seven days from its supply in order to be examined and for the defect to be verified. It must be accompanied by all the required documents, such as retail receipt or invoice.
Argyrakis wines shall bear the costs for the return of the product as well as the costs of transport of the product in replacement.
Upon verification of the defect, the product shall be replaced. If it is impossible for the company to replace the product, the transaction is cancelled and the money is refunded in the same manner as the initial payment by the customer to the company occurred.
In case that the products have been returned damaged or with inefficiencies, then argyrakiswines reserves the right not to replace the product.
As argyrakiswines always aims to the maximum satisfaction of the customer, it is important that the returned products are in excellent condition. If the weather conditions are not appropriate for the transport of wines (extreme heat or freeze), it is possible to suspend the transport upon the notification and the consent of the customer.


9.3.1. When Is it possible to cancel your order
It is possible for a customer to cancel his order without penalty only if the order has not been yet sent. Otherwise the customer shall bear the costs of transport.
It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been delivered to the customer.

9.3.2. How would you be refunded in case of an order cancellation

In case of an order cancellation prior to its execution although the payment had gone through, the refund takes place only by crediting the customer’s account.