About us

Our History

The history of the Argyrakis family starts from Smyrna (Izmir) at the beginning of 20th century. There, Georgios Argyrakis, a horse trader, following the local traditional practices, made a remarkable wine in his own estate. After the Great fire of Smyrna in 1922, the family moved to Thessaloniki, Greece.

The grandson, GiorgosArgyrakis, continued the family’s wine tradition and, after a great career as leading Oenologist in Boutaris S.A., a famous wine industry, he established Argyrakis Wines in 1997. Argyrakis Wines is a family business based in Naoussa, northern Greece.

The small production of around 20.000 bottles per year helps our team to achieve high-quality wines, combining ideally the traditional techniques with the famous local varieties. Nowadays, Giorgos and his sons, Konstantinos (Oenologist) and Spiros (Civil Engineer), try to produce unique wines, which respond to the highest demands of any wine lover.


Inspired by the story of George Argyrakis, our logo depicts a horse figurine. Such figurines,which visitors gave as offerings to the Gods, have been found in many ancient Greek temples. A symbol of wealth and social status, the horse was an integral part of a thriving economy and an essential weapon for a victorious war.

Logo Argyrakis
The people behind the project
George Argyrakis
Georgios Argyrakis

The heart and soul of our team… Has worked over 35 years as a Chemical Oenologist ,13 years of which he spent as a key Oenologist at the BOUTARIS S.A. Winery, one of the most emblematic in Greece.  He thought us  basic principles of how to create a very good wine .

How would we describe him?

As a bottle of Xinomavro that ages nicely and becomes more complex by the day

George Argyrakis
Spyros Argirakis A person of the world who also works as a civil engineer with a master’s degree in Bioclimatic wineries. With experience as a project manager in Ktima Kir-Yianni, and his degree from WSET of London (level 3), he could not help but create our winery himself. A modern, fully autonomous energy workplace.
How would we describe him? A young Xinomavro with a lot of potential
George Argyrakis
Constantinos Argyrakis Our youngest Oenologist who you should keep an eye on. Besides wines, he is also responsible for the music selections at the winery, as he believes  that art wants to listen to art. Constantinos is the coolest member of our team bringing a new perspective in our philosophy. You will often find him among the barrels as he sips wine from his glass… Something that reduces the number of glasses exponentially in the winery. He is not used to the force of gravity quite yet.
How would we describe him? A biodynamic wine with great values